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Beatrice Rossi


My name is Beatrice and I have been teaching Yoga since 2015 and I am specializing, thanks to the teachings of Selene Calloni in Shamanic Yoga.


I am a lover of nature, curious, able to marvel every day at the world around me.

Most of all I feel like an artist of life.


A life artist is a being aware of what she is able to accomplish every day to make her existence wonderful through positive experiences and overcoming (as we tend to say) negative ones.


Through Yoga I help my students to learn to look inside themselves and find themselves, accept and experience themselves ... just like an artist does!


Why Healing Jewels?

"We have always needed symbols to reconnect to our soul. Healing Jewels are tools that allow us to come back to us. Shamans use tools to talk to spirits and we need these bracelets to seal our inner healing. From when I wear it I can finally feel all this "



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